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Now you can create your own Games using Physamajig! Just sketch something out and it is translated into a realistic physics object. Add attributes such as bounciness, friction, and joints - then create your own games by adding Behaviors to the objects. Several sample games are included, and many more are available Online! Play basketball, land a ship on the moon, destroy critters with your cannon. Then go online and try creations made by other users.


  • play physics games, and create your own!
  • sketch your drawing using Pen, Pencil, Circle, and Box tools
  • apply physics properties such as bounce, friction
  • create vehicles and rag dolls using joints
  • save your creations
  • share your creations with others online!

Learn how to get started creating your own physics animations with Physamajig in just a few minutes.


To see more fun Physamajig videos, visit Spritehand's channel on YouTube


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