Learn how to get started creating your own physics animations with Physamajig in just a few minutes.
  • Getting Started
    Learn how to draw objects and create basic joints with Physamajig.
  • Slider Joints and Textures
    Shows how slider joints can create moving platforms and characters and how textures can be used to add realism to objects.
  • Creating a Simple Game 
    An intro to creating games using Triggers and Behaviors. Squash the bugs to win the game.
  • Creating a Catapult Game Shows how to use the Apply Force Behavior and Launching Object Gesture to create a catapult type game.
  • Creating Fluid and Floating Objects Using the Buoyancy Behavior, we can create floating objects and fluid containers for water effects.

To see more fun Physamajig videos, visit Spritehand's channel on YouTube.