Friday, January 6, 2012

"Physamajig" for Windows 8

UPDATE 1/16/11: Physamajig has been selected as a finalist in the Windows 8 First Apps Contest!

I am not one to shy away from programming contests. So with the announcement of the Windows 8 First Apps Contest, I wanted to try and do something fun and at the same time refine my Physics Helper XAML project
What I came up with is "Physamajig" - a Metro style app that allows you to interactively create physics simulations in Windows 8! 

Physamajig is similar to a WP7 app I created called "Paint to Life" - but it takes things much further by including many new tools, joints, physics properties, file options, and more! And I have to say that the Windows 8 Metro version of this app looks much more slick than the WP7 version.

The app comes with several sample creations pre-installed, and one of the next features I am working on is a web service so that users can share their creations online.

There are definitely some gotchas with working with the Developer Preview bits for Windows 8, but for such an early release it is quite productive really. I found the Community Forums quite helpful when I hit issues, if nothing else to know that I was not alone :) 

If you're building any apps for the Windows 8 Contest, I'd be happy to know more about them - please share!