Sunday, August 26, 2012

Physics Helper XAML Update

Today I released version 1.1 of Physics Helper XAML, which allows you to easily create 2D Physics Games and Simulations for the following platforms:
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Silverlight 5
XAML has great support for 2D graphics including hardware acceleration, making it an excellent candidate for 2D physics based games. And because of XAML's extensive form controls and powerful project templates, it makes it super easy to create your games menus and input UI. Also, it is possible to target the three platforms using a single set of XAML assets for graphics and logic.
I personally used the Physics Helper XAML project as the core for my first (and award winning) Windows 8 game, Physamajig. To get started yourself, I recommend:
  • download the source code and check out the sample projects which target all three platforms.
  • read the Getting Started docs (currently these docs mention pre-release version of the tools but they will be updated soon)
  • use the forums to ask questions
Here is a video showing the Physics Helper XAML demos running on Windows 8 (Samsung Series 7 Slate), Windows Phone 7 (Nokia Lumia 900), and Silverlight 5 (Sony Vaio Laptop).